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Does beer make your stomach bloat?

Introduction to “Belly Beer” The common notion that beer gives you a "beer belly" is not unfounded. Many people feel their stomach swollen after enjoying a few pints. But what...

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The Swiss Brewery Renaissance

Introduction In the heart of Europe, Switzerland, best known for its majestic mountains, luxurious watches and delicious chocolate, also has a rich and thriving beer history. Far from the clichés...

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How many hops for a liter of beer?

Have you ever asked yourself this essential question: "How many hops for a liter of beer?" Ah, hops, this magical little plant, a cousin of cannabis that brings bitterness, aroma...

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How is non-alcoholic beer made?

How is non-alcoholic beer made? Hey there! Today, we are going to look at a subject that is causing a lot of ink to flow: non-alcoholic beers. How is that...

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Why does beer foam ?

Why does beer foam? Today, we're tackling a subject as light as the foam on your beer: why does beer foam? Grab your glass and let's find out together! 1....

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Draft, bottle or can?

Draft beer, bottle or can? It's important to remember that beer isn't just a drink, it's a real ritual! And in Switzerland, we know it well. When we talk about...

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