How is non-alcoholic beer made?

How is non-alcoholic beer made?

Hey there! Today, we are going to look at a subject that is causing a lot of ink to flow: non-alcoholic beers. How is that possible, you ask? Come on, grab your glass and embark with me to unravel the mystery of non-alcoholic beers!

1. Introduction: the mystery of non-alcoholic beers

For many, non-alcoholic beer is a real mystery. How can you get a drink that tastes like beer, but doesn't turn your head? It's quite an art, my friends, and today we're going to explore this fascinating process.

2. What is non-alcoholic beer?

First, what do we mean by non-alcoholic beer? In Switzerland, a beer is considered alcohol-free if its alcohol content is less than 1.2%. It is therefore a beer that allows you to enjoy the flavor without the effects of alcohol. But how do we get there?

3. Methods of brewing non-alcoholic beer

There are several techniques for producing non-alcoholic beer. Let's explore them together.

a. Diluting method

The simplest, but also the least common, is to dilute normal beer with water to reduce the alcohol content. It's a quick and economical method, but the result can be a weaker tasting beer.

b. Arrested fermentation method

Interrupted fermentation consists in stopping the fermentation process before all the yeast has had time to transform the sugar into alcohol. This results in a low alcohol but often sweeter beer.

c. Method of evaporation or distillation

The evaporation or distillation method involves brewing a normal beer and then heating the product to evaporate the alcohol. However, this process can alter the taste of the beer, as the heat can destroy some delicate flavors.

d. Selective filtration method

Finally, the selective filtration, or dealcoholization method, involves filtering the alcohol out of the beer after brewing. This method can preserve the original flavor of the beer, but it is also more expensive and technically complex.

4. The challenges of brewing non-alcoholic beer

Brewing non-alcoholic beer is no small feat. You have to find the right balance between reducing the alcohol and preserving the authentic taste of the beer. And while the process isn't perfect, brewers are constantly looking for new ways to make non-alcoholic beer taste better.

5. Conclusion: non-alcoholic beer, a tasty technical feat

So there you have it, the mystery of non-alcoholic beers is solved! It's not magic, but rather a combination of science, technology and a lot of love for beer. So the next time you enjoy a non-alcoholic beer, think about all the work that went into creating this little wonder. And remember, whether you're sober or not... Stay Brewtiful!