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Every Month, a Burst of Flavors Delivered Right to Your Mailbox!

What’s the Deal?

Join the club and receive a carefully curated box of Swiss artisanal beers each month. Our mission? To take you on an extraordinary taste adventure and explore unsuspected flavors, all from the comfort of your home.

Why It’s Awesome?

  • Taste Exploration: 6 exceptional beers from at least 3 different artisanal breweries every month.
  • Local & Eco-Friendly: every sip supports Swiss craftsmanship and contributes to a greener world.
  • A Unique Journey: every beer takes you on a trip through the Swiss mountains, valleys, and lakes.

What’s in My Box?

  • Monthly Gems: beers you won’t find anywhere else, selected for their unique character.
  • The Detailed Story: dive into the universe of each brewery with crispy anecdotes and captivating stories.
  • Food Pairing Recipes: turn each tasting into a culinary experience with exclusive accompanying recipes.

Little Extra...

Scan the QR code on your box and instantly access all the tasting sheets and detailed explanations. It’s like having a personal sommelier in your pocket!

Satisfied or Refunded!

We bet you’ll fall in love with every sip. If not, no worries, we refund you up to 14 days after receiving the box.

  • Delivery
  • Simply enter your friend's name and address for delivery and yours as the billing address.

  • Payment
  • If in doubt, do not hesitate to use our gift cards ,
    This will allow your friend to choose what they like best.

  • Guaranteed
  • If there's any breakage or the delivery person couldn't resist these little wonders, we'll send one back to you, no questions asked.

Satisfied or refunded

We are so sure of our products that they are all satisfied or refunded up to 14 days after receipt .