October 2023

The beers of October 2023

BLZ - Mosaic IPA (India Pale Ale)

Mosaic IPA - BLZ

Technical sheet

Eye: Dress: Copper
Mousse: Mousse: Persistent moss
Nose: Smell: Grape, exotic citrus fruit
Taste: Taste: Lychee and citrus note
Alcohol: Degree of alcohol: 6.3%
Operating temperature: Ideal serving temperature: 5°C
Pairing: Food & beer pairing: Marinated Chicken, Citrus and Quinoa
Malt: Malts: Barley malt
Hop: Hops: mosaic
Note: Bitterness: 6.5/10

Mosaic IPA is a variation of India Pale Ale inspired by American styles. It owes its name to the Mosaic hops used in its brewing. This specific hop imbues the beer with a distinct bitterness and reveals aromas of lychee and other tropical fruits.

What is India Pale Ale?

Introduction to India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale, more commonly known as IPA, is one of the most popular and iconic beer styles in the world. Known for its pronounced bitterness and complex hoppy aromas, IPA has captured the hearts of beer lovers across the globe.


The history of IPA dates back to the 18th century in England. It was specially brewed for export to the British colonies in India. With increased alcohol content and hopping, this beer could better withstand long sea voyages.


IPAs are distinguished by their marked hop profile, delivering a characteristic bitterness and aromas that can vary from floral to fruity to resinous. The malt provides balance, although the hops remain the protagonist.

Types of IPAs

There are a variety of IPAs, including American IPAs, known for their bold, hoppy flavor, and New England IPAs, known for their hazy appearance and juicy flavors. Each type offers a unique taste experience.


To fully appreciate an IPA, serve it at a temperature of 5 to 8°C. The choice of glass can also influence the perception of aromas, a tulip glass being often recommended.


India Pale Ale is a style with a rich history and diversity that continues to appeal to beer lovers around the world. Each sip reveals the complexity and harmony between malt and hops, making tasting an IPA an unforgettable experience.

BLZ - West Cost Ale (American Pale Ale)

West Cost Ale - American Pale Ale - BLZ

Technical sheet

Eye: Dress: Golden
Mousse: Mousse: Beautiful persistent moss
Nose: Smell: Strong citrus notes, slightly tropical
Taste: Taste: Subtle aroma of passion fruit and citrus
Alcohol: Degree of alcohol: 4.8%
Operating temperature: Ideal serving temperature: 4 °C
Pairing: Food & beer pairing:

Bruschettas with Roquefort and Caramelized Pears

Malt: Malts: Barley malt
Hop: Hops: Mosaic, Citra
Note: Bitterness 3/10

What is an American Pale Ale?

An American Pale Ale (APA) is a style of beer characterized by its golden color, moderate bitterness, and pronounced hop flavors. It is distinguished by the use of American hops which provide notes of citrus and fruit.


APA has its roots in the United States, emerging in the 1980s during the craft beer revolution. It is an American adaptation of the British Pale Ale, with a hoppy intensity and increased bitterness.


The beer exhibits notable clarity and color ranging from light amber to golden. The flavor profile is balanced, with malts that support but don't overpower the hop aromas. American hops impart distinct citrus, pine and fruit notes.


APA is known for its drinkability and balance. It occupies a prominent place in the United States and has gained popularity internationally, notably thanks to its versatility and refreshing character.


In summary, American Pale Ale is a hoppy, balanced and refreshing beer marked by the distinct characteristics of American hops. It offers a lighter alternative to IPAs, while retaining an aromatic richness appreciated by beer lovers.

White Frontier - FWT (Session IPA)

Freeride World Tour White Frontier Beer

Technical sheet

Eye: Dress: white, cloudy
Mousse: Mousse: Beautiful persistent moss
Nose: Smell: Tropical fruits, citrus, slight biscuit notes
Taste: Taste: Discreet, light and fruity bitterness.
Alcohol: Degree of alcohol: 3.5%
Operating temperature: Ideal serving temperature: 4°C
Pairing: Food & beer pairing:

Grilled Vegetable Skewers and Yogurt Dip

Malt: Malts: Barley, oats and wheat
Hop: Hops: Amrillo, Strata, Simcoe
Note: Bitterness: 2 / 10

What is a Session IPA?

Session IPA is a light and refreshing beer, characterized by a low alcohol content and a pronounced hop profile. It combines the bitterness and rich aromas of a traditional India Pale Ale with the lightness and drinkability of a session beer.


The term "session" refers to low-alcohol beers that can be consumed in quantity over a long period of time without becoming too intoxicating. The Session IPA offers an option for those seeking the aromatic complexity of an IPA without the corresponding alcohol.


With an alcohol content generally below 5%, the Session IPA presents lively hoppy notes, highlighting citrus, floral, or tropical flavors, while remaining light and refreshing. The bitterness is present but balanced, making this beer a popular choice for easy drinking.


Session IPA is valued for its ability to deliver intense flavors and a satisfying experience, while allowing for prolonged consumption. It's ideal for social occasions and hop lovers looking for a lower alcohol option.


In short, the Session IPA is the answer for those who desire a burst of hoppy flavors without the alcohol intensity of a standard IPA. It's the perfect choice for a sunny afternoon, where you want to savor every sip without compromising mental clarity.

White Frontier - Sam Anthamatten (Lager)

White Frontier Lager

Technical sheet

Eye: Dress: Blonde, translucent
Mousse: Mousse: Light
Nose: Smell: Cereals, herbaceous
Taste: Taste: crispy malt, spring bouquet
Alcohol: Degree of alcohol: 4.8%
Operating temperature: Ideal serving temperature: 4°C
Pairing: Food & beer pairing: Beer Risotto, Roasted Squash and Chorizo
Malt: Malts: Barley
Hop: Hops: Hallertau, Mittelfruh, Saaz
Note: Bitterness: 2 / 10

What is a Lager?

Lager is a type of beer characterized by its bottom fermentation and clean, crisp taste. It is one of the most widespread and appreciated categories of beer in the world, known for its finesse and drinkability.


The main characteristic of Lager lies in its fermentation process. It is fermented at lower temperatures, generally between 7 and 13°C, with bottom-fermenting yeasts, often of the Saccharomyces pastorianus strain.


Lager is often a light golden to amber color, with remarkable clarity and a lingering white head. It is characterized by mild malty flavors, light to moderate bitterness and medium to high carbonation, resulting in a well-balanced and refreshing beer.

Types of Lager

There are several subcategories of Lager, including Pilsner, a crisp, golden beer from the Czech Republic, Helles, a malty, smooth German beer, and Bock, a darker, more robust beer.


Lager is synonymous with a clear, clean and refreshing beer, appreciated for its drinkability and adaptability to different occasions and cuisines. With a variety of sub-styles, Lager continues to be a favorite choice for beer lovers around the world.

La Meute - L’Alpaca (White with mate)

L'Alpaca - Brasserie La Meute - Blanche au mate

Technical sheet

Eye: Dress: Golden, cloudy
Mousse: Mousse: Creamy
Nose: Smell: Fruity, citrus, slight banana note
Taste: Taste: Cereal note, slight dryness from the mate
Alcohol: Degree of alcohol: 4.5%
Operating temperature: Ideal serving temperature: 4°C
Pairing: Food & beer pairing: Homemade Butter and Sage Gnocchi
Malt: Malts: Wheat and barley
Hop: Hops: N / A
Note: Bitterness: 4/10

What is a Mate Blanche?

A mate wheat beer combines the characteristics of a traditional wheat beer with the aromatic and energizing nuances of mate, a popular South American drink. It is a fusion of flavors and cultures that offers a unique tasting experience.

Ingredients and Flavors

In addition to the usual ingredients of a wheat beer, such as wheat, barley, hops and yeast, this variation incorporates mate, a caffeine-rich herb known for its invigorating and invigorating properties. The result is a beer with distinct herbaceous and earthy notes, complemented by the malty sweetness and citrus flavors typical of a wheat beer.


White mate beer is often slightly cloudy with a golden to pale amber color. It presents a balance between the delicate bitterness of hops and the distinct flavors of mate. The carbonation is moderate, adding a refreshing sensation with each sip.

Aromatic Profiles

The aromatic profile is complex, combining the fruity and spicy aromas of a classic white beer with the herbaceous notes of mate. This creates an invigorating beer that can be enjoyed at any time of day, providing both quenching and stimulation.


Mate white beer is a creative exploration into the world of craft beers, mixing tradition and innovation. For those looking for a beer that not only offers thirst quenching but also a touch of energy, this is the perfect choice.

La Meute - La Ribs (Smoked amber)

La Ribs - Brasserie La Meute (Smoked amber)

Technical sheet

Eye: Dress: Ruby
Mousse: Mousse: Good foam hold
Nose: Smell: Smoked, pear, liquorice
Taste: Taste: Powerful smoky taste, caramel note
Alcohol: Degree of alcohol: 5%
Operating temperature: Ideal serving temperature: 7°C
Pairing: Food & beer pairing:

Duck breast with cherry and rosemary sauce

Malt: Malts: Barley
Hop: Hops: N / A
Note: Bitterness: 2 / 10

What is an amber smoke?

An Ambrée Fumée is a beer that combines the rich malty nuances of a traditional amber ale with distinctive smoky aromas and flavors. It offers a multidimensional tasting experience, combining sweetness, bitterness and smoky notes.

Brewing Process

The smoky characteristic of this beer comes from the malt that has been dried over an open fire, allowing the smoke to permeate into the grain. This gives the finished beer its distinctive smoky undertones, which complement and contrast with the natural sweetness of the amber malt.

Sensory Characteristics

Visually, an Ambrée Fumée presents a rich and deep color, with reflections ranging from copper to ruby. On the nose, aromas of toasted malt mingle with notes of smoke, often reminiscent of beech wood or burnt cherry wood. On the palate, the moderate bitterness of the hops balances the sweetness of the malt and the intensity of the smoke.

Varieties and Pairings

There are different variations of Smoked Ambers, each providing a specific intensity of smoke and flavors. They pair well with smoked or grilled foods, with the smokiness of the beer amplifying the flavors of the food.


In short, an Ambrée Fumée is a taste experience that transports beer lovers to a world where roasted malt meets the rustic charm of smoke. It's a bold choice for those looking to explore beyond traditional beer profiles, immersing themselves in an experience where every sip tells a story of fire and flame.