What is a White IPA?

What is a White IPA?

In this section, we will explore in detail what a White IPA and learn more about the key ingredients that make it up, such as wheat and the hops , which make this craft beer a true taste experience.

White IPA beer

There White IPA , or white beer , is a unique and refreshing variation of the craft beer . It combines the light and spicy flavor profile of White beer traditional with the distinctive aromas and bitterness of hop used in an India Pale Ale (IPA).

There White beer is characterized by the use of malt from wheat , which gives it a soft texture and a pleasant lightness. It is also typically brewed with spices such as coriander and orange peel to add subtle aromatic notes.

THE hop plays an essential role in the White IPA , bringing fruity, floral or resinous aromas, as well as a pleasant bitterness. Brewers often use aromatic hop varieties to add a touch of freshness and complexity to this craft beer .

The White IPA stands out from other beers by its subtle balance between the flavors of citrus, spices, wheat and hoppy bitterness. It's a versatile beer that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with dishes such as salads, seafood and fresh cheeses.

What is a white beer?

In this section we will find out what a beer actually is white and how it differs from other types of beers. We will also explore the unique characteristics of beer white and its role in the creation of the White IPA.

White beer, also known as Wit or Weizen , is a style of beer that gets its name from its light, slightly hazy color. It is traditionally brewed with wheat, hence its name . This brewing form gives it a refreshing quality and lightness that makes it a popular option, especially during the summer months.

White beer is characterized by subtle aromas and flavors of citrus, coriander seeds and spices, giving it a complexity and freshness appreciated by many beer lovers. It generally has a moderate alcohol content, making it easy to drink and thirst-quenching.

The wheat used in wheat beer contributes to its slightly creamy texture and smooth body. It also adds some sweetness and a subtle grain note to the beer, creating a nice balance with the other ingredients.

Wheat beer is often served with a slice of orange or lemon to enhance its citrus accents and to bring an extra touch of freshness. It is also an excellent option to accompany light dishes such as salads, fish and seafood.

Key characteristics of wheat beer:

  • Brewing with wheat
  • Light and slightly hazy color
  • Flavors of citrus, coriander and spices
  • Moderate alcohol content
  • Slightly creamy texture and soft body

When used in the creation of White IPA, white beer brings its distinctive characteristics to create a unique and refreshing flavor profile. It goes perfectly with the hops and other ingredients of this famous craft beer.

The influence of wheat in White IPA

In this section, we will focus on the influence of wheat in White IPA. Wheat plays a vital role in the composition of this beer, adding unique characteristics to its flavor profile and texture.

The wheat used in the brewery brings lightness and freshness to the White IPA. Thanks to its protein content, it helps create a creamy and persistent foam, which adds an extra dimension to the experience of tasting .

Additionally, wheat provides a certain sweetness and velvety texture to the beer, balancing the bitterness typically associated with IPAs. This combination of lightness, freshness and pleasant texture makes wheat a key ingredient in creating an exceptional White IPA.

In short, wheat plays a fundamental role in the balance and complexity of the White IPA. It contributes to its freshness, its velvety texture and its generous foam, adding a unique dimension to this craft beer.

Impact of wheat in White IPA Features
1. Lightness Contributes to lightness by reducing the density of the beer
2. Freshness Adds a feeling of freshness to the tasting
3. Velvety texture Brings a pleasant and velvety texture to the beer
4. Creamy mousse Contributes to the creation of a generous and persistent foam

The role of hops in White IPA

In this section, we will discuss the crucial role of hops in White IPA. Hops are an essential ingredient in the brewing of this beer and play a major role in developing the unique flavors and aromas of White IPA.

White IPA takes its name from the use of hops traditionally used in India Pale Ales, combined with the other characteristic ingredients of white beer.

The hops used in White IPA can vary depending on brewer preference and desired flavor. Some popular hops commonly used in White IPA include:

  • Citra Hops
  • Amarillo Hops
  • Simcoe Hops
  • Cascade Hops

Each of these hops brings different characteristics to the beer, with aromas of tropical fruits, citrus and pine resin. The addition of these hops in White IPA creates a subtle balance between the sweet flavors and bitter notes characteristic of this beer.

Hops also contribute to the stability of the White IPA, acting as a natural preservative. It helps prevent oxidation and extend the life of the beer, giving it better hold and better flavor retention .

The addition of hops during the White IPA brewing process can vary depending on the recipe and brewer's preferences. Some brewers choose to add the hops during the boil , while others prefer to add them during fermentation (Dry Hop) , which can give a more intense aromatic dimension to the beer.

In summary, hops play a vital role in brewing White IPA, contributing to the flavors, aromas, stability and balance of this beer. Its creative use by brewers gives each White IPA a unique identity and captivates beer lovers looking for a flavor-rich experience.

What makes White IPA different from other beers?

In this section, we'll look at the key differences that set White IPA apart from other types of beer. This craft beer stands out for its subtle marriage of white, wheat and hops, which gives it a unique personality and a refined taste.

The aspects that make White IPA special:

  • Combination of styles: The White IPA combines the characteristics of a Belgian white beer and an American IPA. It combines the lightness and freshness of white beer with the hoppy aromas and pronounced bitterness of IPAs.
  • Complex Aromas and Flavors: White IPA offers a palette of complex aromas and flavors, from citrus and tropical fruit notes to spices and herbaceous accents. It offers a rich and balanced taste experience.
  • Texture and body: This beer has a light and refreshing texture thanks to the use of wheat, while maintaining a certain robustness and a medium body thanks to the malts used.
  • Balance between sweetness and bitterness: The White IPA finds a subtle balance between the sweetness of the malts and the bitterness of the hops, creating a complex and harmonious beer.

To better understand the differences between White IPA and other types of beers, here is a comparison table:

Beer Style Key Ingredients Features
White IPA Hybrid White, wheat, hops Combination of sweetness, freshness, hoppy aromas and bitterness
IPA American ale Malt, hops Powerful hop aromas and pronounced bitterness
White beer Belgian white Wheat, malt Light texture, spicy flavors and citrus notes

With its unique combination of aromas, flavors and textures, White IPA offers an experience of tasting truly exceptional. It is a craft beer that has captured the hearts of beer lovers looking for an innovative and daring taste experience.

White Psychobilly - White IPA (Hoppy People)

The success of White IPA in the world of craft beer

In this section, we will look at the growing success and growing popularity of White IPA in the world of craft beer . This unique beer has captured the hearts of craft beer lovers for many reasons.

White IPA has found a place on the shelves of breweries around the world thanks to its bold marriage of flavors. By combining the lightness and freshness of white beer with the characteristic bitterness of an IPA, White IPA offers a truly captivating taste experience.

This craft beer is appreciated for its aromatic complexity, combining notes of citrus and tropical fruits from the hops used, as well as spicy and balanced aromas. The White IPA thus offers a unique flavor profile that pleases the most demanding palates.

In addition to its incredible taste, White IPA is also loved for its versatility. It can be enjoyed alone, accompanying a light meal or combined with more daring dishes to create surprising food and beer pairings.

"The White IPA combines the best of both worlds: the freshness of a white beer and the bitterness of an IPA. It is a true sensory experience that will not leave anyone indifferent." - Mathieu, craft brewer

Whether among small artisanal brewers or in large breweries, White IPA quickly won over fans of craft beer . Its success is due to its unique and innovative character, but also to its ability to satisfy the expectations of traditional beer lovers while offering a new and exciting experience.

The White IPA continues to gain popularity around the world, so much so that today it is considered one of the most appreciated and sought-after beers by beer lovers. craft beer .

Comparing Sales of White IPA and Other Craft Beer Styles

Beer style Annual sales (in liters)
White IPA 500,000
Double IPA 300,000
Stout 200,000
Belgian Tripel 150,000

As shown in the table above, annual sales of White IPA have exceeded 500,000 liters, demonstrating consumers' enthusiasm for this craft beer. White IPA ranks first in sales, ahead of other popular beer styles such as Double IPA, Stout and Belgian Tripel.

This success reflects the growing interest in beers with a unique and bold character. Craft beer fans are increasingly curious and open to exploring new flavors, which contributes to the growing popularity of White IPA.

In conclusion, White IPA has become a real star in the world of craft beer. Its success is based on its unique taste, its versatility and its innovative character. Whether you're a seasoned beer lover or a novice, White IPA is a taste experience not to be missed.

Tips for enjoying a White IPA

Tasting a White IPA is an experience in its own right, where aromas and flavors mingle to create a unique sensation in the mouth. Here are some practical tips to fully appreciate this craft beer:

  1. Tasting temperature: It is recommended to serve a White IPA at a slightly cool temperature, between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius, to highlight its subtle aromas.
  2. Recommended food and beer pairings: White IPA pairs perfectly with dishes with delicate flavors such as seafood, fresh salads and Asian dishes. Slightly spicy and fruity, it can also be accompanied by soft cheeses or spicy dishes.
  3. The appropriate glasses: To fully savor the aromas of the White IPA, use a tulip glass or an Aromatic beer glass. These types of glasses allow the aromas to be concentrated and the flavors to be gradually released during tasting.

By following these tips, you will be able to fully appreciate the subtlety and complexity of White IPA, discovering all the nuances of its distinct ingredients: white, wheat and hops.


At the conclusion of this article, we hope we have been able to enlighten you on the fascinating world of White IPA. We explored its key ingredients, its role in craft beer and practical tips for enjoying this craft beer. Now all you have to do is dive into its world and enjoy every sip of this delicious white beer with its unique aromas and flavors.


What is a White IPA?

A White IPA is a type of craft beer that combines the characteristics of a white beer with the hoppy flavors of an IPA (India Pale Ale). It is brewed with ingredients such as white, wheat and hops to create a light, fresh and aromatic beer.

What is a white beer?

A wheat beer is a style of beer that is distinguished by its light color and cloudy appearance. It is brewed with wheat and light malts, giving it a light texture and a sweet, spicy flavor.

The influence of wheat in White IPA

Wheat plays an essential role in White IPA. It gives this beer its characteristic light texture and freshness. Wheat also contributes to the creation of a generous and long-lasting foam, adding to the visual and taste experience of the White IPA.

The role of hops in White IPA

Hops play a crucial role in White IPA by providing unique aromas and bitterness. Different varieties of hops are used in the brewing of this beer to create a perfect balance between the sweetness of wheat and the characteristic bitterness of IPAs.

What makes White IPA different from other beers?

What sets White IPA apart from other beers is its subtle combination of white, wheat and hops. It combines the refreshing and spicy characteristics of a wheat beer with the hoppy and bitter flavors of an IPA, creating a unique and complex taste experience.

The success of White IPA in the world of craft beer

White IPA is enjoying growing success in the world of craft beer thanks to its innovative combination of flavors and its ability to appeal to craft beer lovers. Brewers around the world have adopted this style, offering their own interpretations of this creative and delicious beer.

Tips for enjoying a White IPA

To fully enjoy a White IPA, it is recommended to enjoy it at a temperature between 4°C and 8°C to preserve its unique flavor profile. This beer goes well with spicy dishes or seafood dishes. Use a tulip glass or an IPA beer glass to fully appreciate its aromas and generous foam.