White beer

What is a white beer?

There White beer is a wheat beer originating from Germany and Belgium, often called "Bruges white beer" or "Munich white beer". Contrary to what one might think, the term "white beer" only refers to its style, and not its color.

To understand how a white beer is made, you need to know its composition. This is mainly based on wheat malt, water, yeast and other additions to provide more subtle flavors and a light texture.

Now that you know what a wheat beer is and how it is made, it's time to learn more about its flavors and characteristics, as well as the different styles of wheat beer you can enjoy. Ready ?

White beer in the sun

The key points:

  • White beer is a wheat beer , originating from Germany and Belgium.
  • The term "white beer" only refers to its style, not its color.
  • Its composition mainly includes wheat malt, water, yeast and other additions to provide more subtle flavors and a light texture.

The origin of white beer

White beer, also called "white", is a type of beer brewed with a high proportion of wheat malt and brewer's yeast. It is characterized by a pale and cloudy color, as well as a fairly low alcohol content.

Of European origin, white beer is closely linked to wheat beer and to the wheat beer , both of which share the same basic ingredients. This type of beer has enjoyed particular popularity in Germany and Belgium, where it has been an integral part of brewing culture for centuries.

It was in fact in Belgium that the first traces of white beer brewing were discovered. At the time, beer was brewed in monasteries and wheat beer was considered a suitable drink for consumption during Lent.

“The light texture and notes of citrus and spice make it a refreshing beer appreciated by beer lovers.”

White beer later gained popularity in Germany, where it was first brewed in Munich in 1872. Since then, it has continued to develop into a popular beer variant in the country.

Native country Varieties of White Beer
Belgium Witbier, Lambic
Germany Hefeweizen, Berliner Weisse
France White Wheat Beer
The Netherlands Groninger Blaarkop
UNITED STATES American Wheat Ale

Today, wheat beer is brewed around the world and comes in many distinct varieties. French brewers have also created their own interpretation of white beer by brewing Bière Blanche de Blé. It is a light and refreshing beer, which has gained popularity in France in recent years.

Now let's move on to the composition of white beer in the next section.

The composition of white beer

It's time to learn more about the composition of this refreshing drink. As with all beers, wheat beer consists of four main ingredients: water, malt, yeast and hops. However, what makes wheat beer unique is the use of wheat malt which gives it its light texture and subtle taste.

Typically, wheat beer is brewed with at least 50% wheat malt. Water is added to form malt paste during brewing. The yeast is then added to the malt paste to trigger the fermentation which will give rise to the alcohol in the beer.

Hops are often added to give beer a sweet, bitter taste. Finally, some brewers add other ingredients to give their wheat beer unique aromas. This may include citrus, spices, herbs or fruits. All of this contributes to the wide variety of flavors that can be found in a wheat beer.

Ingredient Use
Water Added to form malt paste during brewing
Malt At least 50% wheat malt is used to make white beer.
Yeast Added to trigger the fermentation which will give rise to the alcohol in the beer.
Hops Added often to give a sweet and bitter taste

Ultimately, the composition of wheat beer can vary from brewer to brewer. However, the basic composition remains quite simple. By using premium ingredients and experimenting with subtle additions, brewers can create a wide variety of flavorful and unique white beers.

Production of white beer

The aromas and characteristics of white beer

Wheat beer is loved by many beer lovers for its distinctive aromas and characteristics. This light beer is often combined with notes of citrus, spices and fruits, which give it a refreshing and unique taste. Additionally, wheat beer is often less bitter than other types of beer, making it smoother and easier to drink.

The choice of ingredients has a significant influence on the taste of white beer. For example, using wheat malt rather than barley malt can help give the beer a lighter texture and paler color. Adding spices and fruits can also enhance the flavors and aromas of wheat beer. Brewers often use herbs such as coriander or cardamom to add flavor, as well as citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons to give a pleasantly tart touch.

Ultimately, wheat beer is valued for its lightness and sweetness, as well as its distinctive aromas and flavors. Whether you appreciate a German beer traditional or a more modern Belgian variety, you are sure to find a glass of white beer that will meet your expectations.

The different styles of white beer

There are several styles of white beer, but the best known are the German and Belgian styles. German beers are often brewed with a greater proportion of wheat malt, while Belgians generally use more spices and fruits in their brewing process.

The best-known German style is Weissbier, also called Bavarian wheat beer. This beer is brewed with at least 50% wheat malt and is often described as having notes of banana and cloves. Another popular German style is Berliner Weisse, a sour and tangy beer often served with fruit syrup to sweeten its taste.

In Belgium, a famous style of white beer is Witbier, brewed with spices such as coriander and orange peel. This beer is often described as having a fruity and spicy taste. Another style of Belgian white beer is Blanche de Bruxelles, brewed with flavors of coriander and orange zest. This beer is also slightly cloudy due to the yeast added in the brewing process.

Lemon white beer

Don't be afraid to try different styles of wheat beer to discover your personal preferences. Each brewery can add its own personal touch to the brewing process, creating a unique experience for each beer tasted.


This is how our article on wheat beer ends. We learned what it really is and what sets it apart from other styles of beer. We discovered its origin in Germany and Belgium and how it is made with specific ingredients such as wheat malt and yeast. We also explored the different styles of white beers, each with their own distinctive flavors and characteristics. We hope this article has inspired you to try this refreshing drink on your next brewing adventure.


What is a white beer?

A white beer, also known as wheat beer or wheat beer , is a style of beer of German and Belgian origin. It gets its name from its light color, similar to that of a white drink. However, it is important to note that the term "white beer" only refers to its style and not its actual color.

How is a white beer made?

A white beer is brewed from a mixture of wheat malt and barley malt. Water, yeast and other additions such as spices or citrus fruits can be used to bring subtle flavors to the beer. It is generally brewed with top fermentation and unfiltered, which gives it its cloudy appearance and light texture.

Why choose a white beer?

White beer is appreciated for its refreshing taste and subtle aromas. It often offers notes of citrus, spice and fruit, making it an ideal drink for beer lovers looking for something light and thirst-quenching.