What is a Gueuze?

What is a Gueuze?

In this first section, we are happy to present to you the Gueuze , a beer Belgian one of a kind. With its flavor acid And complex , it is unlike any other beer . We will dive together into the origin of this particular drink and discover all its secrets.

There Gueuze is a lambic beer Belgian , brewed from barley malt, wheat and fresh hops. She must character distinctive to a spontaneous fermentation which lasts several months. The complexity of its flavors is the result of mixing different varieties of lambics, all fermented and aged separately before being brought together to create the Gueuze .

Gueuze beer

Key takeaways:

  • The Gueuze is a beer Belgian unique in its kind and has a taste acid And complex .
  • It is brewed from barley malt, wheat and fresh hops.
  • Gueuze owes its unique taste to a spontaneous fermentation which lasts several months and to the mixture of different varieties of lambics.

What is Gueuze?

We are happy to explain in detail what exactly a Gueuze is. This essential beer from Belgium is a beverage complex and unique.

Gueuze is a beer made from a specific blend of lambics beers, which are beers fermented from wild yeasts and natural microorganisms in a region near the Senne valley in Belgium.

Gueuze is an unfiltered, unpasteurized and refermented beer in the bottle. She has a taste acid and sparkling which results from the assembly of different lambics of different ages.


Gueuze has become the symbol of Belgian brewing because of its complexity and unique flavor. It is loved by beer lovers around the world.

The origin of Gueuze

The Gueuze is a lambic beer Belgian tradition in which brewers blend young and old lambics to create a tangy and complex drink. But do you know his origin ? We are going to immerse you in the history of this unique beer.

Gueuze was born in the 18th century in the Senne valley, a region near Brussels. Local brewers began producing lambics brewed with wild yeasts found in the air and on fruit. The lambics were then stored in barrels and aged for several years.

It was in the 19th century that Gueuze began to be produced by combining young and old lambics to obtain a more pronounced acidity. This spontaneous fermentation method generated lively effervescence and unique flavors. Gueuze quickly became a very popular drink in Belgium and gained international fame.

Today, Belgian brewers continue to brew Gueuze using traditional and artisanal techniques. There lambic beer is brewed in winter, stored in oak barrels and aged for several years. The young and old lambics are then assembled and refermented in the bottle to give rise to this acidic and sparkling drink.

Gueuze barrel beer

Geographic origin of Gueuze

Gueuze production is very concentrated in Belgium, in the Brussels region and the Senne valley in particular. The city of Brussels is home to many traditional breweries, some of which date back to the 19th century.

The secrets of making Gueuze

As we saw previously, Gueuze is a beer that undergoes spontaneous fermentation. Wild yeasts present in the air and on fruits allow the fermentation of sugars contained in cereals. Gueuze is therefore produced without the addition of laboratory-grown yeast. This brewing method is the origin of the unique acidity of Gueuze.

THE process of manufacturing de la Gueuze is long and complex. Belgian brewers brew lambics over the winter, using a combination of barley and wheat. The lambics are stored in oak barrels for several years, then blended by a master brewer to give birth to Gueuze.

The various varieties of Gueuze and their particularities

Name of the Gueuze Special features
Gueuze Tilquin Beer fermented in stainless steel tanks before being refermented in the bottle for 6 months.
3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Beer aged for 1 to 3 years in oak barrels.
Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René Beer aged for 3 years in oak barrels.

There are a large number of variations of Gueuze, each having its own particularities. Some Gueuzes are more acidic than others, while others have fruitier flavors. This will depend on the proportion of lambic young and old that brewers use when blending.

The Gueuze manufacturing process

Gueuze is a beer lambic Belgian with complex acidity, obtained thanks to a process particularly careful spontaneous fermentation. Brewers must follow these steps meticulously to ensure beer quality.

First of all, the brewing begins with the manufacturing lambics, a fermented beer whose must is obtained from 30% raw wheat and 70% malted barley. The composition of the lambic is essential to give its taste and sound character at the Gueuze.

Fermentation takes place in oak tuns that have been previously cleaned and disinfected, thus allowing wild yeasts and bacteria to act. This process fermentation can last up to two years.

Gueuze is then produced by blending several lambics of different ages to allow spontaneous fermentation in the bottle. Brewers must then demonstrate great know-how to find the right balance between the various flavors and to contain the pressure of the gases released during fermentation. It is this stage that will allow Gueuze to develop its complex aromas.

Gueuze in the cellar, beer making

In summary, the process of manufacturing de la Gueuze is a true art that requires time and patience. The careful stages of spontaneous fermentation and lambic blending are essential to creating this one-of-a-kind sour beer.

The acidic character of Gueuze

Gueuze is a very particular type of Belgian beer which is distinguished by its character acidic and complex. This unique acidity is one of the main characteristics of Gueuze, and it is what has contributed to its fame throughout the world.

The acidic character of Gueuze comes from its spontaneous fermentation, which occurs thanks to wild yeasts present in the air. This natural fermentation gives the beer a sour and tangy taste which can be surprising for new Gueuze fans, but which is very appreciated by connoisseurs.

Besides spontaneous fermentation, bottle aging is another factor that contributes to the acidity of Gueuze. As yeast ages, it continues to convert sugars into alcohol, which gives the beer a more complex, more acidic flavor.

Lambic Gueuze beer

It is this distinctive acidity that gives Gueuze its unique character and makes it a beer so loved by beer lovers around the world. If you are a fan of sour beers, then Gueuze is definitely a beer to try.

Tasting and enjoying Gueuze

To fully benefit from all the complexity of Gueuze, you must taste it according to the rules of the art. Here are some tips for appreciate at best this Belgian lambic beer:

Gueuze (lambic) beer tasting

We recommend drinking Gueuze in a tulip glass, which brings out all the aromatic notes of the beer. For the serving temperature, it is best to enjoy it at a temperature between 6°C and 8°C.

To accompany your Gueuze, we advise you to enjoy simple dishes, such as cheese or bread, so as not to disrupt the flavors of this acidic and complex beer. You can also pair it with typical regional dishes, such as mussels and fries, for an authentic taste experience.

Finally, it is important to remember that each Gueuze has its own personality. We invite you to take the time to taste different brands to discover the different variations of this unique beer.

The place of Gueuze in Belgian culture

We cannot talk about the Gueuze without mentioning its place in the culture Belgian brewery. Gueuze is to Belgium what wine is to France. This lambic beer is ingrained in the country's identity and is celebrated at numerous brewing festivals and events throughout the year.

“Gueuze is a bit like our heritage. It’s a beer that tells our story and connects us to our roots.”

Belgium is also known for its brewing and cultural heritage. For centuries, beer production has been a true tradition in the country. Gueuze is one of the most representative beers of this culture brewing. It is the result of ancestral know-how and specific brewing techniques which have been passed down from generation to generation.

La Gueuze, a beer of excellence recognized worldwide

Gueuze is also famous around the world for its unique taste and complexity. It has won many prestigious awards at international brewing competitions, attracting the attention of beer lovers around the world.

La Gueuze is therefore a true ambassador of culture Belgian. If you are in France and want to discover this emblematic beer, many bars and specialized stores offer quality Gueuze. Stay tuned for brewing events in your area for the opportunity to taste a fresh and authentic Gueuze from Belgium.

Belgium photo

Where to find and buy Gueuze?

We understand that you want to taste a good Belgian Gueuze, and we are here to help you find the best addresses in France to buy this authentic lambic beer.

First of all, we recommend going to bars specializing in Belgian beers. You will be able to taste Gueuze on site and even learn more about this traditional beer with experts in the field.

For buy de la Gueuze, we advise you to go to stores specializing in craft beers and in particular Belgian beers. You will be able to discover a wide variety of Gueuze and choose the one that suits you best.

If you are looking for specific brands, we advise you to go to online sites or specialized online stores. Here you will find a selection of high quality Belgian Gueuze, as well as many other craft beers from around the world.

Finally, for those of you who like to travel and discover new places, we recommend going directly to Belgium, where you can visit the breweries and taste Gueuze on site in its country of origin.

Remember to choose quality products and enjoy your Gueuze in moderation. Health !


What is a Gueuze?

A Gueuze is a unique Belgian beer with an acidic and complex character. Originally from Belgium, this beer is a type of lambic, a beer fermented spontaneously thanks to wild yeasts present in the air. Gueuze is renowned for its tangy taste and complex aromatic profile, with fruity, woody and winey notes.

What is Gueuze?

Gueuze is a special beer that stands out for its fermentation method and its blending process. It is composed of lambics, spontaneously fermented beers, which are mixed and aged in the bottle for a period ranging from several months to several years. This gives Gueuze its tangy characteristics and natural effervescence.

What is the origin of Gueuze?

Gueuze has its origins in Belgium, more precisely in the Brussels region. It dates back several centuries, when Belgian brewers practiced spontaneous fermentation by letting wild yeasts in the air ferment their beer. Gueuze has become a symbol of Belgian brewing culture and is appreciated by connoisseurs around the world.

How is Gueuze made?

Gueuze is made from lambics, spontaneously fermented beers, which are blended and aged in the bottle. Brewers mix young lambics, still fermenting, with more mature and aged lambics. This method allows for continuous fermentation in the bottle, thus creating a natural effervescence and developing the complex aromas of Gueuze.

What gives Gueuze its acidic character?

The acidic character of Gueuze is mainly due to spontaneous fermentation and the presence of acetic and lactic bacteria which develop during aging in the bottle. These bacteria contribute to the characteristic acidity of Gueuze, giving it its unique and refreshing taste. It is this acidity that makes Gueuze a beer so appreciated by lovers of special beers.

How to taste and fully appreciate a Gueuze?

To enjoy a Gueuze in the best conditions, it is recommended to serve it in a tulip glass or a wine glass, which will bring out its complex aromas. The ideal serving temperature is between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius. You can accompany it with mature cheeses, dishes based on shellfish or grilled white meats to enhance the flavors of Gueuze.

What is the place of Gueuze in Belgian culture?

Gueuze occupies an important place in Belgian brewing culture. It is considered a symbol of the country's brewing identity and is celebrated at festivals and events dedicated to beer. Belgium is renowned for its ancestral brewing tradition, and Gueuze is an integral part of this heritage. Its worldwide fame testifies to its importance in Belgian culture.

Where to find and buy Gueuze?

You can find Gueuze in bars specializing in Belgian beers, delicatessens as well as stores specializing in craft beers. In France, some bars and restaurants also offer selections of Belgian beers where you can taste Gueuze. Make sure you choose reputed and authentic brands for appreciate fully enjoy this iconic Belgian beer.