What is a “Saison” beer?

What is a “Saison” beer?

Saison beer , a spicy and fruity Belgian farm beer that is increasingly attracting craft beer lovers. In this first section, we will explain the unique characteristics of this authentic beer and share its exciting origin.

Beer season

Saison beer is a style of beer traditionally brewed on Belgian farms during the harvest season. It was initially designed to quench the thirst of seasonal workers and to provide an alternative to contaminated drinks. Today, Saison beer has become a popular choice among craft beer enthusiasts due to its unique spicy and fruity flavors.

If you are looking to discover new flavors and a true taste of the land, Saison beer is the drink for you. In the following sections, we will explore more closely the history of Saison beer , its characteristics, its brewing , and many other interesting aspects.

Key points to remember:

  • Saison beer is a spicy and fruity Belgian farmhouse beer .
  • It has its origins in Belgian farms, where it was brewed during the harvest season.
  • Saison beer has become a popular choice for craft beer lovers because of its unique flavors.
  • Characteristics of Saison beer include its spicy profile and fruity flavor.
  • In the following sections, we will explore in more detail the origins, characteristics, manufacturing process, and different styles of Saison beer.

The history of Saison beer

The year is 1700 and we are on a farm in Wallonia, Belgium. At this time of year, it is harvest season, and the farmers need a refreshing drink to quench their workers' thirst. This is how Saison beer was born, as a Belgian farmhouse beer brewed with available ingredients.

Today, Saison beer has become one of the most popular craft beers. Its unique taste and tradition have attracted many brewers from all over the world, contributing to its enchantment.

Saison beer was originally brewed with local cereals such as wheat and barley, with herbs, spices and wild yeasts. The beer was fermented in open tanks before being stored in cool conditions for it to fully develop. This brewing method produced a spicy and fruity beer, with notes of coriander, pepper and lemon.

Today, Saison is brewed in many parts of the world, with a variety of styles suited to each region's taste. Different hops, herbs and spices can be used, and the yeast can be customized to achieve more complex flavors and unique aromas.

The characteristics of Saison beer

Saison beer is a unique Belgian farmhouse ale, which has become one of the most popular styles of craft beer . But what makes this beer so special? In this section, we'll take a closer look at the characteristics that make Saison beer an incredible taste experience.

  • Spicy and fruity: Saison beer is known for its spicy and fruity notes. These flavors come from the use of special yeasts, as well as the addition of different ingredients during brewing .
  • Dry: Saison beer typically has a dry finish, meaning it doesn't taste sweet after each sip. This makes it perfectly suited to spicy and savory dishes.
  • Effervescent: Saison beer is also known for its high carbonation and dense foam that enlivens the taste buds in the mouth.
  • Robust: Despite its spicy and fruity profile, Saison beer is a robust beer that can be enjoyed at any time of year, but in summer it is particularly enjoyable.

In summary, Saison beer is a balanced blend of spicy, fruity and dry flavors that make it unique in the world of craft beer.

We've created a table below to give you an overview of some of the most common Saison beer characteristics that you can use to find the perfect beer for you.

Beer name Season Tasting notes
La Choulette Season Exotic spices, fruity aromas with a dry, earthy finish
Dupont season Fruity flavors of citrus, spice and pepper, with a dry, slightly sour finish
A Night on Bald Mountain Scents of fresh bread yeast, flavors of white pepper and sweet spices with a dry and spicy finish

Beer in flowers

The process of brewing Saison beer

One of the reasons why Saison beer is such a special craft beer is its brewing process. In this section, we will explain in detail how this Belgian farmhouse beer is brewed, step by step.

To begin, the key ingredients of Saison beer are:

  • Malt
  • Hops
  • The yeast
  • The water

Malt is the basis of beer, and there are several types of malt that brewers can use to adjust the taste and flavor of their Saison beer. Hops are used to add a characteristic bitterness and aroma to Saison beer. And finally, yeast is what gives beer its particularity and unique flavor.

Brewing Saison beer generally begins with malting, which involves germinating the barley soaked in water. The yeasts are then added for fermentation, which takes place at a relatively high temperature. This step is crucial for the characteristic spicy taste of Saison beer.

After fermentation, the beer is aged in oak barrels or in bottles for several weeks. This is when the beer acquires its fruity flavor, characteristic of Saison beers.

The process of brewing Saison beer can vary from brewer to brewer, but these steps make up the essence of brewing delicious craft beer.

Craft brewery, fermentation tank

The ingredients of Saison beer

Ingredient Role
Malt Beer base, adds color and flavor
Hop Adds bitterness and aroma
Yeast Gives the beer its particularity and unique flavor
Water Makes up the majority of beer

The different styles of Saison beers

Saison beers are famous for their spicy and fruity flavor profiles, but there are actually several variations of this traditional Belgian beer. Here's a look at the most popular Saison beer styles:

Beer in the fields

Beer name Profile Description
Dupont season Considered one of the truest versions of Saison beer, this beer has a sweet, spicy and fruity profile with a dry, hoppy finish.
Dottignies season A modern interpretation of the traditional Saison beer, this beer offers a spicy and fruity profile with notes of peach and pepper.
Hennepin This American Saison beer features a balanced sweet and spicy flavor profile with hints of lemon and wheat.
Devil's advocate A bold take on Saison beer, this French beer offers a complex profile of fruity, spicy and herbaceous flavors with a touch of black pepper heat.

Whether you are a fan of traditional or modern beer, there is a Saison beer for all tastes!

Food and beer pairings with Saison beer

Saison beer is a beer with spicy and fruity flavors, which makes it particularly interesting to pair with certain dishes. We've compiled a list of our favorite food and beer pairings with Saison beer to help you explore all the possibilities of this authentic Belgian farmhouse ale.

“Seasonal” food and beer pairing

Fresh and spicy goat cheese

The fresh and spicy goat cheese pairs perfectly with the Saison beer. The creaminess of the cheese blends perfectly with the spicy flavors of the beer. Try this combination at your next Saison beer tasting for an incredible taste experience.

Food and beer pairing Description
Roast chicken Roast chicken is a classic dish that pairs well with Saison beer. The spicy flavors of the beer mix with the smoky flavor of the chicken to create a balanced flavor pairing.
Spicy salad Saison beer can be used to counter spicy flavors in a salad. Try adding spicy ingredients like peppers or chorizo ​​to balance the flavor with the beer.
Bay leaf crème brûlée A bay leaf crème brûlée goes perfectly with Saison beer. The fruity flavors of the beer complement perfectly with the sweet taste of the crème brûlée.

Spicy dishes

Spicy dishes are a great choice to accompany Saison beer. The spicy flavors in the dishes are complemented by the spicy flavors of the beer, creating an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Try a spicy curry or chili con carne for an incredible taste experience.

Don't be afraid to experiment with Saison beer to find your own favorite food and beer pairing. With its spicy and fruity flavors, this beer has no shortage of delicious pairing possibilities with a variety of dishes.

The craft beer movement and Saison beer

We saw earlier in this article that Saison beer was a traditional Belgian farmhouse beer, but it is also very popular in today's craft beer movement. Indeed, Saison beer perfectly represents the values ​​of this trend, which advocates independent, artisanal and quality production.

Saison beer has become an icon of craft beer thanks to its unique flavor and artisanal manufacturing. Independent breweries have brought this traditional beer up to date by offering modern variations that have won over craft beer lovers.

“Season” beer

“Saison beer perfectly represents the values ​​of current craft beer.”

The craft beer movement represents authenticity, originality and innovation, and Saison beer is one of the best examples. Discover the independent breweries near you that offer this spicy and fruity firm beer, and support French artisanal production.

Where to find Saison beer in France?

Now that you've become an expert on Saison and craft beer, you need to taste this authentic Belgian farmhouse beer for yourself. But where can you find them in France ?

You'll be happy to know that Saison beer is increasingly popular in France , and you can find it in many breweries and bars across the country. If you're looking for a Saison beer tasting experience, look to bars specializing in craft beer.

Additionally, many French craft breweries now produce their own version of Saison beer, adding their own personal touch. Check the websites of local breweries to see if they offer a Saison beer.

Ultimately, finding a Saison beer in France shouldn't be difficult. With a little research, you should be able to find a bar or brewery near you that offers this spicy and fruity beer. And if you're really a fan of Saison beer, why not organize a beer tasting with friends to compare the different versions?


What is a “Saison” beer?

Saison beer is a Belgian farmhouse beer known for its spicy and fruity side. It is a superior quality craft beer that delights craft beer lovers.

What makes Saison beer so special?

Saison beer is distinguished by its spicy profile and fruity flavor. It offers a unique taste experience thanks to its specific ingredients and brewing process.

How is Saison beer brewed?

The Saison beer brewing process involves the meticulous choice of ingredients and specific fermentation stages. All of this helps create the distinctive flavor profile of this authentic Belgian beer.

What are the different styles of Saison beers?

There are different styles of Saison beers, ranging from traditional versions to modern interpretations. Each style offers a unique experience, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your tastes.

What dishes go well with Saison beer?

Saison beer goes perfectly with certain dishes. Its spicy and fruity notes go well with dishes such as spicy dishes, grilled meats and mature cheeses.

What is the link between Saison beer and the craft beer movement?

Saison beer is considered an icon of craft beer. It represents artisanal know-how and the rebirth of independent breweries, which seek to create authentic, quality beers.

Where can I find Saison beer in France?

You can find Saison beer in some bars and brasseries in France. Explore establishments specializing in craft beer to taste this authentic Belgian beer.