Black beer (Stout vs Porter)

Black beer (Stout vs Porter)

In this section, we will explore the fascinating world of black beer . There black beer is a style of beer that is characterized by its dark color and unique taste. The styles of black beer the most popular are the Stout and the To carry . We'll compare their differences, learn about their origins, and explore other types of dark beer.

Key points to remember:

  • Black beer is a style of beer appreciated for its dark color and roasted taste.
  • The two most popular styles of black beer are Stout and the To carry .
  • There are also other types of dark beer such as imperial Stout and the Milk Stout .
  • There Guinness is one of the best-known brands of dark beer, having helped popularize this style of beer around the world.
  • Craft breweries have created unique and creative variations of dark beer as part of the beer movement. craft beer

What is black beer?

We've all heard of lager or wheat beer, but what about dark beer? Our file focuses on this type of beer, which is often misunderstood.

Black beer, also called " brown beer ", is characterized by its dark color and rich, roasted taste. But what makes black beer different from other types of beer?

First of all, dark beer is made with darker malts which give it that distinctive hue. Malt is what gives flavor and color to beer. By using darker malts , dark beer acquires a stronger, more complex flavor.

In addition, black beer has a higher alcohol content than pale or white beers. This is due to the brewing process in which a larger amount of malt grains are used.

There are a wide variety of dark beers, each with its own flavor and history. Keep reading to learn about the different types of popular dark beers.

Differences between Stout and Porter

Now that we understand what dark beer is, we'll focus on the two most popular styles: Stout and To carry .

The Stout is a type of dark beer that has a more roasted taste and higher alcohol content than Porter. It is often more robust with a thicker texture and a creamier foam. Stout can be categorized into sub-styles such as imperial stout, milk stout or the oatmeal stout.

Porter , on the other hand, is generally sweeter and more subtle in its aromas. It often has lighter chocolate and malt notes and a less thick texture than Stout.

The variations between these two styles of dark beer are subtle, but it's important to know them to choose the one that best suits your taste preferences.

Stout To carry
Higher alcohol content Lower alcohol content
Stronger and thicker Softer and more subtle
Pronounced roasted taste Lighter chocolate and malt flavors
Creamier foam Less thick texture

As you can see in the table above, Stout and Porter have distinct differences in their alcohol content, taste and texture. This can help guide your choice when tasting dark beer.

Origins of black beer

To understand where black beer comes from, we have to go back to the 18th century in England. This is where the two most famous styles of dark beer appeared: Stout and Porter. Although these two types of beer were initially very similar, their differences have gradually widened over time.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Guinness has established itself as the benchmark for Stout in Ireland. The brand then took over the world, making black beer one of the most popular styles.

"A glass of Guinness is a complete meal." Coluche

Today, dark beer is enjoyed around the world and is produced by many craft breweries. Beer lovers can discover many interesting variations, such as imperial stout, milk stout or the foreign extra stout.

Types of dark beer

In addition to the classic Stout and Porter, today there are a variety of dark beers to satisfy all tastes. We present some examples to you:

Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout is a style of dark beer that is characterized by its high alcohol content, often above 8%. It is brewed with much more malt than other Stout varieties, which gives it its rich flavors. It is often described as having notes of coffee, chocolate and dark fruits. For lovers of strong beers, Imperial Stout is an ideal choice.

Milk Stout

Milk Stout, also known as Sweet Stout, is brewed with oats and lactose, giving it a creamy, smooth texture. Unlike other dark beers, Milk Stout has a slightly sweet taste and is less bitter, with notes of chocolate, hazelnut and coffee. The lactose contained in beer does not ferment and adds a touch of sweetness to the mouth.

Craft Beer

The trend of craft beer doesn't stop at lagers or IPAs. There is now a wide variety of artisanal dark beers that rival each other in creativity and original flavors. Craft breweries often use non-traditional ingredients to create unique dark beers, incorporating fruits, herbs and spices.

Ultimately, there is a dark beer for every taste. Feel free to explore the different varieties, looking for the one that suits you best.


In conclusion, the black beer is a style of beer appreciated for its dark color and rich aromas. THE Stout and the To carry are the most popular styles, but there are also other interesting types to discover. Whether you are a beer lover or simply curious, don't hesitate to explore the world of black beer and taste its different variations. Health !


What is black beer?

Black beer, also called dark beer, is a type of beer characterized by its dark color and rich, roasted taste. It is made with darker malts, which gives it that distinctive hue.

What are the differences between Stout and Porter?

Stout is generally higher in alcohol, fuller-bodied, and has a more roasted taste than Porter. Porter, on the other hand, is often slightly sweeter with more subtle chocolate and malt flavors.

What are the origins of black beer?

The origins of dark beer date back to 18th century England, where Stout and Porter originated. The Guinness brand played a major role in popularizing black beer around the world.

What are the different types of dark beers?

In addition to Stout and Porter, there are other interesting types of dark beers such as imperial stout with a higher alcohol content, and milk stout with the addition of lactose which gives it a creamy texture. Craft breweries also offer creative and unique variations of dark beers in the lager movement. craft beer .

Why is black beer popular?

Black beer is appreciated for its dark color and rich aromas. Stouts and Porters are the most popular styles, but there are other interesting types to explore as well. Whether you are a beer lover or simply curious, don't hesitate to explore the world of black beer and taste its different variations.